The Short Story Thrown

The Short Story Thrown never meant to publish short stories. But I admit I like it. I wrote as part of a writing project – pick one of your books and make a stand-alone short story before the story. I picked ExtraNormal, of course, and decided to use Mira’s best friend Geery as my main character, since everybody loves Geery. And I have to say it brings Geery to life and adds depth to ExtraNormal.

Thrown is just 15 minutes to read and free on Kindle Unlimited, or just .99 cents. If you’ve read ExtraNormal, you’ll love it. If you haven’t read ExtraNormal, but enjoy a creative story with tons of action, you’ll still love it. 


Every competition has a loser... The biggest competition ever on the planet Nreim is ending with an energy battle in an arena packed with more people than Geery has seen in one place in her lifetime. She’s beat out over 600 contestants to make the top three, an accomplishment she never expected. But now that she’s at the top, she wants to win more than ever. As she prepares for battle, she learns that the judging has been based on politics more than merit, and her competitor is now favored to win. Can Geery beat the crooked system and actually win the competition?

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